Friday, April 10, 2020

~ COVID-19 and a Country Road ~

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." - John Muir.              

Homer Ranch Preserve along Dry Creek Road.

We all will mark this time in our lives differently, yet we'll all use the same pen.  

COVID-19 has forever altered our time on earth.

Today, the sun is shining, the rains have stopped, and the wildflowers are talking. Denise and I leisurely ride my Indian Springfield stopping frequently to capture the color.

We are blessed to live in Three Rivers, California near Sequoia National Park. We have a country road called Dry Creek where today the creek is flowing, the grasses are green, and wildflowers are blooming.

I love riding along peaceful Dry Creek Road.

Poppies paint the hillsides.

Lichen, barbed wire, and poppies.

A lone Poppy shines. Photo by Denise Griego.

Lupine flowers are special.  Photo by Denise Griego.


Isn't that beautiful.


  1. Thank you, Bob, for sharing these beautiful photos. Today is the first day of sunshine in Palmdale after five days of rain, so your timing is perfect to brighten my day. Perhaps this time of COVID-19 restrictions will allow more of us to enjoy the beauty that exists in our own part of the world.

    1. You're welcome Stacia. Great hearing from you....I just passed onto my brother (a Vietnam Vet) the pin from the AV*WALL celebrations. That post is one of the favorites on my blog.

  2. Very true. But we're sanitizing the pen between uses :') Thank you Robert!
    ~ Jean from the Poppy Reserve

  3. Thanks Jean. I can only imagine how beautiful the AV area is with the rains we've all had in souther California. Yes, our lives are all unique during these difficult times.

  4. Robert
    I am so fortunate to know you and to read your Motorcycle Tales which you introduced me to. Nature is my heaven and you write about it so clearly. Your words are as clear and succinct as your wonderful pictures. You are a gift. Keep those tales coming.
    Don from Three Rivers and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks.

  5. Thanks Donnie. Your feedback is so important. You and nature are so intertwined as well. We are all part of something greater and we are so fortunate to live in Three Rivers!