Monday, August 17, 2015

~ Hollister Run ~

This is where it all began, Hollister, California.  Marlon Brando saw to that in the Wild One.  Hollister is where our son, Keith was born when we worked and lived at Pinnacles National Monument.

The area is easy riding along Highway 198 west of Coalinga and north on Highway 25.  In the spring time, the wildflowers are everywhere.

The Pinnacles Campground is great.  The little market there sells some last minute supplies, cold beer and ice.  Gilbert and I love to camp here and the ride into Hollister is packed with bikers for this event.

We ride up San Benito Street and bikes are everywhere.  The music is loud and not too good, but it is free.  If you are ever looking for a bike and not sure what you what, these are great opportunities to see a wide variety of stock and custom bikes.

Gilbert and I have all our usual camping gear strapped tightly behind our seat.  We do not see anyone else with similar gear.  We ask people to take our pictures and we do the same.  People are in a good mood and the town council has actively resurrected this bike rally.  It is a big source of revenue for Hollister and surrounding towns.

We buy our t-shirts which is a must.  I like the eagle on the back of one shirt and buy it.  Gilbert is a bit more picky but manages to get us a good price.

Along Highway 198 towards Pinnacles National Park
Along Highway 25 towards Pinnacles National Park

Campsite, Pinnacles National Park

Easy ride to Pinnacles National Park
Off for the Hollister Bike Run
Campsite, BLM's Upper Laguna Mountain near Pinnacles NP

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