Sunday, September 1, 2019

~ New Kid in Town ~

“An Indian Stops Time."  Robert Griego

For the past twelve years, I've ridden my 2007 Yamaha Road Star across America in my pursuit of wildness. It has been front and center in my posts and many published articles.

Recently, I decided to get another motorcycle. 

Shortly before that, I took this picture to record the miles on my trusty Yamaha Road Star.  A real milestone that most bikers can attest. It was a personal moment that was important to me. Memories at 2:18pm.

158,500 with a nearly full tank of gas

Do you remember the movie, Hildago? 

I feel my Yamaha was the mustang, Hildago racing against pure-blooded Arabian horses thought to be superior in every way. It has been such a dependable iron-horse. My Yamaha Road Star will continue to provide joy to our son. I didn't have the heart to let it completely go.

The 2019 Indian Springfield is the 'New Kid in Town.'  

Handsome and eager to travel.  Next week, we'll set off on our first adventure out to the Badlands of New Mexico.  I'm so grateful to everyone - the Brand Amp, Indian Motorcycle, RoadRUNNER Magazine, and Herwaldt Motorsports who made this transition possible. The Indian Springfield has the awesome Thunder Stroke 111 engine, sleek lines, and a machine that stops time.

There will be more stories with this motorcycle; please stay tuned. I'm currently riding my first 500 - 600 miles during the "break-in" period.  Then, I'm heading out for the Badlands of New Mexico on its maiden long-distance trip.  Hildago provided the lessons.

Yesterday, I rode up to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks with Denise for some shots with those giant Sequoias. 

All adventures begin one step at a time.  The giant Sequoias have witnessed that for thousands of years. 

Our mark on this earth is undeniable. Even one step forward is important.

Thanks to all my family and friends. I plan to write more about my adventures in my pursuit of wildness. Please stay tuned as we take those precious steps forward.

Robert, Matt, & Rick handing over the keys at Herwaldt Motorsports

Matt Herwaldt and Robert Griego. This dealership speaks "friendly.'

Exploring the giant Sequoias

The awesome Indian Springfield next to the giant Sequoias at Grant Grove

Denise riding with me 130 miles through Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Me, riding off into the sunset

Riding around Three Rivers, introducing the new kid

Old meets the new in Lemon Cove near Three Rivers

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