Saturday, August 8, 2020

~ Riding West ~

"All good things are wild and free".  -  Henry David Thoreau

A few days ago, Christa Neuhauser Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel asked me to write an article for their upcoming Special Collector's Edition.  She asked if I could select a small, lesser-known National Park Service area on the West Coast.  I was honored and came up with some possibilities. She quickly let me know that she wanted other options. 

She agreed with the area that I selected and asked if I could meet a short deadline.  While I can't yet reveal the area, it is a small NPS area located on the West Coast. The Special Collector's Edition will be published soon and should be loaded with awesome pictures and stories.  Keep an eye out for it at newsstands. 

It was a fun assignment allowing me to turn wheels and feel the wind in my face along with some quality camping at Basalt Campground at San Luis Reservoir.

It has been a while since I've ridden my Indian Springfield for a story and this is just what the doctor ordered.  I camped once going to this park and once coming home.  A quick, yet rewarding trip.

Going home, I rode Highway 1 past Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, and Moss Landing.  The fog was thick and wet.  The views were limited, though I could hear the crashing waves.  The sun did peek out for a bit as I stopped to stretch my legs.

Here are some pictures of that quick trip.  Enjoy.

My most important item for this trip

Yup, my bike, and flag are ready to go.

Sleeping bag - check.  Water - check.  Gloves - check.  Charger - check.  Face mask - check.

Basalt Campground, San Luis Reservoir.  80 sites total and 78 available.  My million dollar view.

Tonight, I grabbed the upper suite.

Nature takes great selfies

I love a campfire after a long day.

On my way back from the West Coast, my site was still available. The ground floor was perfect.

Cowboy boots make ideal windbreaks when cooking breakfast.

Leaving the campground, I stopped for three Tule bull elk that crossed in front of me.
These bulls ran for 1/4 mile before they felt safe from my iron horse.

The sun finally came out along Highway 1 south of Santa Cruz, CA.

It seems like corn is the crop this year in the San Joaquin Valley.  Perfect rows.

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