Thursday, March 3, 2022

~ End of the Road ~


"It's never crowded along the extra mile." - Wayne Dyer

My soul is calm with each mile.

Dirt roads have a way of calming one's soul, especially on a motorcycle. When you toss in spectacular views and wildflowers, it's addicting. 

This road is near Three Rivers, CA where I live. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and this dirt road may then be impassable. Frequently, there is space for only one vehicle, and the steep hillsides drop easily a thousand feet to the river. 

Concentration is paromount. If I hit a rock or a deep pothole losing control, I'd tumble down to the river. It's best to stop to admire the lush hillsides of poppies. There has only been one other vehicle on the dirt road and about a dozen free-range cows.

These are some of the views and wildflowers along this dirt road.

California Poppies reach for the sky.

The road continues upward.

Little to no traffic.

Shooting Stars drape the cool side of the hillside.

My dependable Indian Springfield.

Walking is easy without any traffic.

Leaving is never easy.

End of the road.


Freedom Rings True.

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