Sunday, March 31, 2024

~ The Wind, the Open Road, and My Motorcycle ~

"Look deep into Nature, then you will understand everything better." 
Albert Einstein

Robert Griego on his 1964 Yamaha 80cc YG-1.

My moto journey began in 1964 when I bought my first motorcycle. It was a bright red Yamaha 80cc. At 15, I only thought about how cool I would look on this bike. I had never ridden a motorcycle before and honestly, I was afraid. Larry, the Yamaha owner said, "Thank you, it's yours now." He must have sensed my apprehension. "Would you like me to trailer it to your house?" He loaded my new bike onto his trailer without much fanfare along with me in the passenger seat, and drove to 1005 E. Elizabeth Street in Barstow, CA. 

It sat in my dad's garage for several hours before I turned the key. Nervously, I shifted gears as the bike rolled effortlessly down Elizabeth Street. I remember how the wind felt on my face. The wind would continue to be my companion for years to come pursuing what I love.

I've ridden nearly 300,000 miles since that first Yamaha on several other motorcycles including—two Yamaha 125cc's (one in California and one in Botswana, Africa), a Yamaha 305cc, Yamaha 350cc, and Yamaha 1700cc. Today, I'm riding an Indian Springfield in Pursuit of Wildness. What began as a collection of images, experiences, and travels over the years soon became the foundation for My Motorcycletales which recently turned over 200,000 views. 

The top 10 posts according to Google readers are: 

Top 10 posts at mymotorcycletales

As a result, my blog is in the top 100 Best Motorcycle Blogs at FeedSpot.

Honored to make FeedSpot's top 100 Best Motorcycle Blogs.

Thank you to my readers who have followed my stories over the years. My mantra remains intact: 

~ The Wind, the Open Road, and My Motorcycle ~

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