Monday, April 4, 2016

~ 8th Annual John Paul Magao Motorcycle Ride ~

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe" ~ John Muir

Bikers ride in the 8th Annual John Paul Magao Motorcycle Ride

Just last week the sun was out and Denise and I were were on a bike ride on the Dry Creek Road taking pictures of the poppies.

Today, the rain is back and I am on another bike ride.  A few years ago my friend Dennis Reneau invited me to ride for a special cause.  He said it was called the Annual John Magao Motorcycle Ride.  Its purpose was to honor a Redwood grad who lost his life in a motorcycle accident and to raise scholarships funds for Redwood High School and College of the Sequoias students in Visalia, California [ ]. 

I did not know John Paul but this is now my second Annual John Paul Magao Motorcycle Ride in his honor, and to support his family and friends.  Their love and pride is evident with his family. 

The local paper, Times-Delta, carried his story:  "...Money raised goes to COS students pursuing a career in pharmacy or medicine, said James Phillip Wilfong...The focus on a profession in medicine reflects John's original professional focus...Instead of leaving to pursue his dream of going to University of Pacific School of Pharmacy in Stockton, he instead chose to stay in Visalia with this mother while his stepfather was deployed to Iraq...we decided to start this nonprofit in honor of what he really enjoyed, and in what he loved...we wanted to continue to give that opportunity to others since he wasn't able to make it..."

I've heard James Phillip Wilfong speak before and I again listen to his sincere words before this ride.   He thanks us for coming out in support of his son and the purpose of this Annual memorial ride.  He reminds of us all about safety on the road, especially with the wet roads.  His words are simple and true to his purpose. 

He ends by inviting us to his house for lunch at the end of the ride. 

In terms of distance, this is a short ride, just under 100 miles.  But I feel the bond of the other riders who are here to support, honor, and remember a fellow biker.  Our ride takes us on the back roads towards Rocky Hill, out past Woodlake, and some parts of northern Visalia that are new to me.

The rain has reduced the number of bikers today but not the enthusiasm on this, the 8th Annual John Paul Magao Motorcycle Ride. 

As always, we ride in a safe staggered formation.  

I rode behind this biker [Bladimir], who's daughter took these "amazing" pictures of our ride ~ thanks!

The ride leaving Plaza Park 

Riders ride in a safe, staggered formation

Our ride touches the wildflowers

The road bends in front of this biker

Riding up towards Rocky Hill, Sequoia National Park in the distance ~ We Honor John Paul Magao ~

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