Thursday, September 13, 2018

~ 150,000 Miles ~

"The Wind, the Open Road, and my Motorcycle" -  this is my mantra. - Robert Griego

150,000 miles!

A few days ago, a milestone was reached.  My 2007 Yamaha Road Star turned 150,000 miles on an awesome motorcycle ride in Malibu called, Ride to the Flags.

There were over 1,000 bikers on this ride.  It was honor to ride the miles for this worthy cause.

So today there will be few words, only admiration for my 2007 Yamaha Road Star which I bought new in 2007.  It has been a dependable mount.  It has given me such a joy.

This is a special moment!  So proud to be part of this special benefit ride for USN Holly Katke.

This is my favorite picture.  It was taken just after a heavy rain storm at the base of Mount Whitney. 
This black and white photo stopped time in between the rain drops

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