Friday, June 19, 2020

~ 49 Degrees East ~

Eastern Sierra, Mount Whitney.   

Every day, every single moment, causes me to pause. I’m the lucky one. 

You see, on April 29th Denise suffered a stroke.

Any stroke is serious, but when it occurs during Covid-19 well, your world is quickly turned upside down. I use to count moments in life. Today, I count ¼ moments. Honestly, time slowed down to a crawl.

My priority, my goal, my mission is her. Nothing else matters.

The good news and short version are that she is making a remarkable recovery. Her physical therapist, occupational therapist, nurse, and you have contributed to her recovery. I was impressed with their compassion and single focus on her rehabilitation. They do this daily, yet they performed their tasks like it was their first day at work.

Like millions around the world, we have stayed at home during this pandemic. We are thankful to the many friends who delivered home-cooked meals, freshly baked bread, flowers, cards, calls, emails, and visits.

To celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary on June 14th, we prepare our North Star camper and head off to the eastern side of the Sierra for some quality time. We plan to camp at the Lone Pine Campground and the dispersed camping in the Alabama Hills. 

The pictures that follow are part of that journey, if only at one ¼ time.

Denise experiencing life below the watchful eye of Mount Whitney.

Our North Star in the Alabama Hils near Mount Whitney.

Our camper lost in the landscape as we search for the infamous Mobius Arch.

We attempted the 3-mile hike in search of the Mobius Arch.

Slow and steady.

When I said, "This is far enough after a 1 1/2 mile of a 3-mile hike." 
She replied, "If we quit now, they will never know we made it."  Without discussion, we continued.

Mobius Arch. Well worth the 3-mile hike. Our 1/4 moment in time.  Mount Whitney perfectly framed.

Reading at camp the biography of Spruce Springsteen.

Our camp far below, what a view to behold.

Plenty of spare tires if you have a flat in the backcountry.

Saying goodbye to Mount Whitney.

Thank you, for helping me along this road.

Dramatic clouds, on our last night, say farewell.


  1. Truly enjoyed this post, photos, story and energy. Well done you two! Wishing 1000's more 1/4 moments.

  2. Thanks Rocket Ron. Our first adventure away from home, keeping safe, and connecting with nature.