Wednesday, July 1, 2020

~ Just this side of Heaven ~

Today is a free day. 

There are no doctor appointments, no physical therapy, no occupational therapy, or anything else structured. 

So when she asked, "Do you want to go into Sequoia National Park for a picnic?"

My answer was immediate: "Yes."

The day is perfect for hiking some of the Giant Forest trails.  

We push further up the High Sierra Trail at about 7,000', higher than I want, but the panoramic views of the Great Western Divide are rewarding.  We hike slow but with purpose.

We share some pictures from this first day of July.

Lupine grows before a Giant Sequoia.

Giant Sequoia Trees stand well beyond our time.

Moro Rock in the background.

The Great Western Divide is itched in memory.

Delicate flowers with Moro Rock in the background.

Not riding my bike today, but awesome moments at Crescent Meadow.

Great sign on a Government car.

We saw two bears today.

The NPS has done a great job communicating an important message.

Nature comforts the soul.


  1. Beautiful pics from a beautiful place. Very nice to see you both enjoying Sequoia!

  2. Thanks......we are blessed to have Sequoia NP in our backyard.